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Family history research

Family history research£19.00

House History research package

House History research package
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Price:  £60.00
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Reference:  RPHH1

Please use the form above to give us full details of your research request and to upload any supporting documents.

In your house history report you will typically receive:

  • A selection of historic maps centred on your house
  • Information about former occupants and/or the setting of the property based on locally available archive sources
  • Suggestions for future research


Do you live in an older house in the former North Riding?  Are you curious to know more about its history and former occupants?  When was it built?  Who owned it? Who lived there and what kind of lives did they lead? 

Starting at just £60.00 for up to two hours' research, our experienced staff can help you to find out more and begin to unravel the stories your house has to tell.

Please note that very occasionally there may be insufficient record evidence to proceed.  In these cases, we will refund your payment.